J18: Post PolArt Depression Highlight Reel

By ruzamada
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It’s only been 2 weeks since my return to Perth from the roadtrip of a lifetime and surprisingly I’ve gotten back into the work grind quite well, found my way around the 3D modelling & CAD software package I use daily in no time at all, much better than when I was away in Europe for a week less. How does that work?

Anyway, last night we had a brief catch-up with the Kuku crew, collect all the heavy and colourful costumes and a quick chat about the year ahead, while enjoying a refreshing Polish lager – and spilling it and chipping a tooth, damn!

Earlier in the afternoon, Kukuleczka’s Facebook page had a wonderful video posted marking the many highlights of the journey to PolArt from Perth to Melbourne and indeed the experiences of the festival itself.

Post-PolArt Depression is the term regularly kicked around after this festival and it’s true that those who’ve participated quickly feel a form of sadness that the fun, the experience and new friends made now feel so distant till the next festival taking place in Brisbane, end of 2018. There were ups and downs but overall lots of great times that I personally miss.

Part 1 of the highlight reel is out so far, so check it out!

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