J18.4 Ceduna to Port Augusta

By ruzamada
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Today was intended mostly as a short day, with the distance between Ceduna and Port Augusta being 300km shorter than the average distanced covered in the past few days.
A rather uneventful day meant we had a fairly relaxing drive via Wuddina then south/east via Lock & Cleve to reach Cowell and the curiously names Lucky Bay.
You might remember we visited another (much more stunning) Lucky Bay just 2 days earlier slightly east of Esperance in Western Australia.

One of our guys got lost after lunch in Wuddina and ended up in Kimba, so he had the privilege of enjoying some winding roads that connected us all again in Lock, with further windy roads between there and Cleve. I’ll upload some more photos in coming days from the past few days 🙂

While South Australia’s Lucky Bay isn’t postcard-perfect like WA’s own, the South Australian Lucky Bay waters were calm, warm and shallow making it a pleasant beach stop before continuing on to Port Augusta via the “Steel City” of Whyalla.

As the rest of our crew wish to take a slower pace toward Melbourne, tonight we split our cargo and said our farewells and Christmas wishes as we go apart for about 4 days. We’ll most likely take a similar path toward Melbourne but my aim was always to be there by Christmas so I’m there in time for a traditional dinner with the parents!

J18.4 Ceduna to Port Augusta

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