J18.26 Mt Wellington, Richmond & Carlton

By ruzamada
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Today started a lot earlier than usual with a reasonable forecast for sighting the Aurora Australis and a photographer noting clear lights in Central Tasmania so I reluctantly changed from my pj’s and into the Arctic clothing I hauled across from Perth and headed for the peak of Mt Wellington around 2am.
I was pleasantly surprised by the twisty roads to the summit but even more surprised at the strong gusts and chill, however the view is breathtaking with the veins of Hobart twinkling while thin clouds brushed through to soften the lights. I was well and truly in the sky.
Unfortunately no sightings of the Aurora on this occasion but with the harsh conditions and early time of day, I made the most of a mostly clear night sky – in between holding the tripod down so the camera wouldn’t blow away!

After a well deserved sleep-in, a friend and I headed to a 22nd birthday brunch at Frogmore Creek Winery where many friends from Oberek and one from Wisła (Brisbane) were there, all dressed up and elegant! The cuisine is quite different that’s for sure but very well presented and everyone enjoyed their dishes and drinks. After countless photos on the lawns in front of the vineyards, three of us headed to Carlton Beach in Richmond to take advantage of the clear skies and grilling sun, plus I learned how to bodyboard so there’s a major highlight! We also inspected the shells washed up and collected some to remember the arvo. A relaxing way to enjoy this rare hot day, had to pinch myself that I’m in Hobart just 2600km from Antarctica!

Dinner was following up a few friend’s recommendations to Burger Haus, which has a nice vibe and a great range of tasty burgers, but I was really impressed by the Gillespie’s Ginger Beer, I must find some to take home to WA!

J18.26 Mt Wellington, Richmond & Carlton

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