J18.19 Devonport to Launceston

By ruzamada
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What a day.

Unfortunately with the ferry’s early disembarkation in Devonport, comes less sleep than I would’ve liked but after a quick breakfast and itinerary planning at a Telstra Air wifi hotspot, I was on my way to the well regarded House of Anvers Chocolate Factory where I enjoyed genuinely rich, Belgian Chocolate & Berry Waffles with a pot of hot chocolate – and it was simply divine, highly recommend dropping in. I’m glad I only had a small breakfast, as I felt like Michellin man walking back to the car!

Next stop was the Ashgrove Cheese Farm with a fine selection of delicious local produce, not just cheeses but whiskeys, jams, mustards, chocolate, honey and much more. All the good stuff under one roof, what more could you want.

After leaving Ashgrove, I felt a cold developing through my bones, which I had somehow avoided over the past two weeks while everyone else had been sick in one way or another, but the temptation of enjoying a raspberry sorbet at Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm was too much to resist.

Quick look at the traditional foldout Tasmania Hema map revealed that Liffey Falls were within reach and little did I realise that there would be an exhilarating, twisty gravel road leading to the Liffey River. Requiring 45-60 minutes return, a walk through this rain-forest is both relaxing and soothing, which definitely helped me forget about the cold! Highly recommend a visit here.

One thing worth noting, I was pleasantly surprised that filling up the car in Tasmania is generally not self-serve, with a lovely assistant at the Caltex Westbury helping me get onto the next destination in no time with a smile.

Feeling quite peckish, I punched in the motel’s address into the GPS and headed straight towards Launceston, with a brief stop for a very yummy late lunch at Burger Got Soul just outside Launceston before gladly crashing on the bed upon check-in.

Tomorrow I hope to explore the North East of Tasmania, so stay tuned and follow the trail.

J18.19 Devonport to Launceston

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