J22.1 Stirling Ranges, Porongorups & Two People’s Bay

By ruzamada
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And we’re back!
Apologies for the break in updates since the Faroe Islands, though it was a ridiculously busy schedule from Poland onwards, then there was moving house, so I look forward to gradually updating this blog with highlights and photos from what was an amazing journey.

But today, we’re onto the next journey and it’s mostly familiar destinations, with 27 new faces travelling along in 15 MX5 convertibles as part of the annual MX5 Alive weekend roadtrip.
Starting with a lunch at the Gnowangerup Hotel and a friendly chat with the local Police, we were off to the Bluff Knoll carpark to admire the majesty of the Stirling Ranges, with a view that never gets old and the addition of rolling thunder behind the peak.

Next we headed to the Tree-in-a-rock in the Porongorups and along the way, the 36-degree Celcius day morphed rapidly into 21-degrees with fog embracing the treetops here.
The pace of the day is brisk and the next stop is off to Little Beach at Two People’s Bay, a personal favourite and being 15,184km from the last time I set foot on sand in the Faroe Islands, I couldn’t resist to wet my feet and reconnect despite the gloomy weather.

Following this it was off to the motel for a quick rest and off to dinner with the crew to recap the day’s highlights and learn more about our diverse backgrounds.
Looking forward to Day 2!

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