J20.4 Whales, Seals, Eagles and beach-time

By ruzamada
This post is part of a series called Journey 20 ● Bremer Bay 2017
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Today was another great day, very different from all the rest as I donned my arctic clothing for an early morning – early for a holiday! – departure from Bremer Bay harbour for an all day whale-watching charter boat. Naturaliste Charters took us out on their newest boat delivered just days earlier and can highly recommend their tour, knowledge, enthusiasm and care for those who struggle with the sea movements! I lost count of how many Orca whales and Shearwater birds were sighted but it was a great sight each time and the 500+ photos will take some time to go through! We also sighted a Sawfish, a Sea Lion, a Seal and an Osprey, along with other birdlife out at sea.

Following a day at sea, why not experience more of it, so I hit one of the nearest beaches, Short Beach with my bodyboard finally getting some action in the pristine medium-sized waves and pure white sands. What a top way to end a day on the ocean, now with a fine Belgian beer I brought along from home for exactly this reason!

Tomorrow I depart back to Perth, via an unexplored set of roads through inland WA, where hopefully I’ll see some salt lakes and if the weather’s kind, no storms as forecast.

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