J19.6 Hobart to Perth

By ruzamada
This post is part of a series called Journey 19 ● Dark Mofo 2016
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Good morning! Not for someone though, that cold night in line for Blacklist on Saturday finally nailed me with a mancold, perfect.
So with that I kept the kettle on constant boil for endless cups of tea while resting in bed and packing here and there when I got some energy back.
I was hoping to visit MONA with Cindy and check out the Ryoji Ikeda’s Supersymmetry installation but that idea had to be scrapped, though Cindy went it alone to MONA and absolutely loved it.

Taking a little longer at MONA than expected, I started stressing out big time to make it on time for my flight, of course if an accident on a highway could delay things more, that did indeed happen, thankfully we both made it to the airport and with a teary farewell and thanks for joining me on this great journey with many random highlights, Cindy took care of the rental car and thankfully departure was delayed, allowing me to get some desperately needed tea and hot food into my system. And to chill out a little. And make an important mid-arvo call to work that I’m in no shape to be in the office, which my boss agreed with by the sound of my coarse voice!

The flight to Sydney was rather rocky and after a 2-hour layover there – and stupidly overpriced food and drink, something I had forgotten about – it was onward to QF583 bound for Perth.
A rather uneventful flight, thankfully no fellow passengers in my row, while the gentleman in the seat ahead was also sick with a mancold so I didn’t feel guilty going through a loud and slow death.
Other than that there was a food scare with poorly labelled chicken and ‘salad’ being jam packed with Pistachios nuts, proving to be quite concerning with an itchy and swelling throat while suffering enough already!

But let’s end this flight on a good note, as we flew south of Adelaide in the dark of night, a number of active storm cells provided a spectacular lightshow below the aircraft. With my love and excitement for flying, that definitely calmed me down and I remember smiling from ear-to-ear like a child. It’s moments like these, the good and the bad that make travel so awesome and make us wanting more.

So in a nutshell, Dark Mofo was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend anyone thinking of going to Tassie in winter, to wrap your itinerary around this festival of the weird and the wonderful. To have shared this journey with a friend is an added bonus with many great memories for years to come.

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