J19.4 Russell Falls, Willow Court, Symphony, Whisky and The Brizzy

By ruzamada
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After last night’s shenanigans at Blacklist, a proper sleep in was in order and with a late start from noon, Cindy and I headed to Willow Court where Asylum by Mike Parr was taking place, in New Norfolk.

The exhibition of Mike Parr’s works were set in a decommissioned mental-health facility, which has been derelict for 16 years. Entry was by mirror only and wondering through the wards was a chilling experience which really hit home. A fascinating and worthwhile visit. As visitors made their way through the various wards and buildings, the outdoor yards with dull and tall concrete walls, it was also difficult to distinguish the extent to which the facilities had been curated for this event, no doubt a little bit of precautionary action was taken to make it safe for visitors but nonetheless authentic and countless thoughts ran through my mind of what must’ve gone on within these walls at a time when medical treatment of patience was the norm then but seemingly barbaric by today’s standards.

Following this experience, we headed for the tranquil trail that leads to Russell Falls and further upstream Horseshoe Falls in the central-west of Tassie and thanks to recent snowfall the waterfalls were in full-effect with plenty of water flowing through the grand natural steps. The walking track through giant native trees layered in moss and ferns was also a feast for the senses as the refreshing air was a delight to breathe in!

Though as night fell rather fast, we cautiously headed back to Hobart knowing that Wallabies would be – and were – wandering around. Thanks Cindy for ordering a meatlover’s pizza! My next destination was to Henryk Górecki’s Symphony No. 3 at the Federation Concert Hall, my first such event and it was a delightful performance!

Straight away, it was time to get in line around the corner at the City Hall for Blacklist – where I currently type this from – I may be in line for a while but I look forward to catching up with friends from Oberek I met in Melbourne back in December 🙂

And now I continue the tale from a later point in time as battery-preservation became a priority, though perhaps calling it quits much sooner in that queue would’ve been a smarter move!
Having been in line for 2 hours and making almost no progress in the last 30 minutes, I bid farewell to those nearby in line and headed to Lark Distillery’s bar on Davey Street as I couldn’t organise a tour yesterday. Being 23:00 and donning a suit for that symphony performance, it was time to get serious and warm-up with a glass of Lark’s Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky (58% ABV) complimented by a great chat with the friendly staff as they started packing up for the night. This evening has already greatly improved and with a local hot tip on the next place to check out, I was on the move to Society in Salamanca. Excellent, another place to sip on G&T and try other fine drinks, keep warm and just sit back and relax! The choice of drinks here is impressive and the patrons classy.

Next destination was to Grape Bar where Natalia and her partner kindly came across from Blacklist to catch-up which was really nice! As the wine-bar started winding down for the night, we bid our farewells and I headed back to the City Hall where Blacklist had finished, in the hope of bumping into my friends. Instead, I found the crew I had met in line earlier in the night! They were in no mood to go home and neither was I so I followed their lead to the Brisbane Hotel. It seems every Australian capital city has a hotel named after another capital city. Anyway I had no idea what to expect and once we got in, I felt way out of place in a suit!! But despite that and arriving well into the 3-4am set by Creme Brûlée, this hour was just fantastic fun with uniquely psychadelic and retro sounds, no one was phased by what the next person wore nor what state you were in (and I was well on my way!). I can only reflect upon this whole day as a full spectrum of amazing experiences, some disturbing, some euphoric, some tranquil and this last ‘Grimoire‘ event I stumbled into, authentic, good old-fashioned fun I didn’t want to end.

Alas, the good people of the Brisbane Hotel want to go home at some point and that’s my cue to … Maccas.
The only solution for post-drinking eats, especially in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday. It’s Déjà vu, but who cares, it’s bloody freezing outside, this is ALWAYS a great idea in these circumstances and I’m on holiday. Uh oh, I should probably go to sleep, I’ll just grab an Uber – yeah, sure. Taxi it is.

Thanks Hobart, top night out!

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