J19.1 Perth to Hobart

By ruzamada

Here we are again, onto a new Journey and although it’s a short one booked on impulse, so far I’m delighted to have made it here in Hobart again.

Day One started with a wake-up in foggy Perth before 4am, then a 30-minute delay to the departure due to fog and other air traffic, putting immense pressure onto passengers like myself with connecting flights from Melbourne… so today I set a personal best record for the swiftest transfer between flights!

But there was a catch, of course, despite the gates being changed to neighbouring ones, the luggage of 4 Perth passengers didn’t get transferred, leading to us awkwardly hanging around the baggage claim in Hobart once it stopped. Awesome. After a 90min wait for the next flight, the bag finally arrived and I was off to check-in to Amberley House, a well-appointed small hotel built before 1900 in Sandy Bay. Then a quick hop back to the airport to pick up a good friend, Cindy who’s also arrived for Dark Mofo festival.

Due to those luggage issues, I missed out on the first session of RBMA presents Ephemera Live ft Tim Hecker & Marcel Weber, as we were starving!! But once we made it to the second session, we were fully immersed in the Dark Mofo experience in a show that excited and soothed all the senses, there was no front of stage, there was no idea where you were standing, but all those present knew why they were there and were in awe of the light show and setup in this large warehouse with just the right amount of smoke-machine action to give the impression of being in an open-air event.
In typical Tim Hecker style, it was a fantastic event and worthwhile making the trip over. On the way back to the car, we also stumbled into Brainstorm and a bunch of artwork installations there.

Tomorrow however is a new day and we aim to explore more of Hobart and surrounding highlights with the best part of 2 days and some more spare time in Hobart.
Stay tuned for more via Twitter @ruzamada and via Snapchat for some videos, maybe even some live videos here and there.

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