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By ruzamada
This post is part of a series called Journey 19 ● Dark Mofo 2016
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Hello again!

We’re back on the road very soon with the next adventure starting to come together, however with each new journey it feels like I’m more disorganised than I was for the last one.
Unfortunately life is *super* busy at the moment: work ticking along nicely; an exciting new car to supercede the resilient Fortis; the house-hunt is getting serious; wedding photos for two clients nearing completion; plus a huge list of tasks on my plate.

However some subtle progress was made here recently as I successfully moved this blog from one service provider to another just in time for Journey 19.
Where will the road take us this time? The main image is a big clue, this little journey booked on an impulse will be combined with some small roadtrip elements to cover some undiscovered group from a recent adventure.

And hopefully my data allowance will enable me to create a few live Periscope and Facebook video broadcasts from any highlights, so stay tuned via Twitter.

Oh and in the background, I’m slowly adding photo galleries to a bunch of posts from Journey 18, so do pop in there and check it out!

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